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Sixties Kitchen Sixties Kitchen Sixties Kitchen

Sixties Kitchen

This kitchen is my absolute favorite. Very sixties with real wood veneer "American Walnut". This kitchen offers everything in the highest quality and in the smallest space. The benchtop material is from LG an acrylic, bound solid surface material, such as Corian. With this material it is possible to make benchtops or undermount basins. They look seamless and made out of one piece.

Upon customer request, the lids for the dining table lamp "Tube Light" were also made of American Walnut. 100% match!

Kitchen Kitchen Kitchen


For this kitchen I had to work really close together with the owner. We wanted to create a kitchen with 100% functionality, maximum work space and maximum storage space in combination with style. The benchtop material is from GetaCore an acrylic, bound solid surface material, such as Corian. With this material it is possible to make benchtops or undermount basins. They look seamless and made out of one piece. 2 pack paint finish - RAL 9010.

Shelf Studyroom Shelf Studyroom

Shelf Studyroom

This contemporary shelf combiens functionality and design. The 4,2m long and 3,5m high piece provides tons of storage opportunities without looking overloaded. It was the perfect solution to create various using options in a multifunctional room like this. Mainly it is used as an office but it is also the spare room for guests, equipped with a sofa bed and entertainment facilities. The hidden LED lights behind the shelf is another option to change the look and the feeling of the room for their individual needs. 2 pack paint finish - RAL 9010.

Kitchen Kitchen Kitchen


This project was to create a totally new room concept. I was commissioned as the interior designer, the cabinetmaker and the contracter in one person. The challenge was to transform the old kitchen in something totally new. We had to change the watersupply from one wall to the other by going with all pipes through the basement. We extended walls and shafts, changed light possitions by slotting the concrete walls and ceilings for the new wires. We changed the tiles on the floor and many other things to get the result you can see now. I’m really glad that my client trusted me when I offered him to make the kitchen OLIVEGREEN instead of white, grey or black. 2 pack paint finish - RAL 6003.

Kitchen Kitchen Kitchen

Kitchen 2018

This is a new kitchen for my longterm client and friend. I made all furniture for the previous apartment and now the new kitchen for the new apartment in Frankfurt/Main. All cooking is on one side, all cutting, chatting and apèretif on the other side. Everything is perfectly fitted into the sloping roof. The counter brings extra storage and a cosy separation to the dining area. 2 pack paint finish - RAL 7021.


The task for this room was to keep the look light, bright and open. My solution to follow the target was to built hanging wardrobes. The height is only 1,60 meter from the floor. The light from the garden can come in and my clients have an better overview when they enter the room.

The look of the bed is also light. It doesn’t have any visible legs in the front to match the style of the wardrobe. I used American Black Walnut (Juglans Nigra) timber for the bed. The material and finish for the wardrobe is MDF, 2 pack paint finish - RAL 9010.

Bed and Shelf

My client, a businessman who travels a lot, was inspired from hotelrooms to get a cosy bed for his „during the week“ apartment in Paris . The bed is 160x200cm with a box underneath to store for example 2 other mattresses 90x200cm for family and friends. The shelf separate the bed from the room. LED light with a dimmer underneath the headboard, plugs and USB charger for electronic devices. I used real wood veneer in european Oak.

Montimare Montimare


For the Montimare shopfitting I used reclaimed timber, only. 80% of the material is an old shabby building site fence and the other 20% are skuffelboards from an old paintshop. It was not easy to find this amount of dry reclaimed timber for our specific needs. This job was just fun and I enjoyed working with the Montimare staff as helpers. Everyone gave his personal creativ input to the new shop. It felt like building a treehouse with a bunch of young people. We had one weekend to convert the shop from its old and boring look into a new and unique wonderland for surf and snowboard fans.

Sideboard Woodall Sideboard Woodall


The free hanging sideboard is in harmony with the environment. It’s placed in a long hallway and with the white color and the oak top matching the floor it is not to intrusive even though, it is 3.5 meter long. It provides a lot of storage space. To design the doors without handles gives the extra clean and slick look. 2 pack paint finish - RAL 9010.

Mini Kitchen Mini Kitchen

Mini Kitchen

This is my latest project in Paris St. Germain. The apartment is 31m² but the kitchen has everything to offer what a kitchen need. Worktop LG „urban concrete“, inbuilt refrigerator, induction multisensor cooking hob, counter with space for 4 people in oak. Little gimmick behind the counter 2 USB charger for all electronic devices. All cupboards in high quality 2 pack paint finish - RAL 9010.

Closet with office table

This closet is fitted to the millimeter from floor to ceiling. It offers maximum storage space in the small design Eco House. The hallway is used optimally and serves as an extension as a home office with filing cabinets and a large work surface. Finish of the closet is 2 pack paint finish RAL9010, embedded handles and table top in American Walnut.