Jenson Chair T-Model Diningtable Coat Rack Tropical Light Tube Light Wooden Sink
Jensons Chair Jensons Chair Jensons Chair

Jenson Chair

J.Lamont Langworthy

During the 1960s and '70s architect J. Lamont Langworthy took on the challenge of building houses on steep hillsides. Many where built in Laguna Beach, California which some people considered as unbuildable. He also designed a few furniture. The adjustable lounge chair is a reproduction of Langworthy’s designs for the original Jenson house. In 2006 he handed me his carefully preserved drawings and photographs for the first reproduction pieces. I used rosewood timber, stainless steel and leather from Italy for his unique 60’s design chair.

Coat Tree Coat Tree Coat Tree

Coat Tree

I always wanted to do a coathanger out of a tree. Found this wonderful piece with the perfect shape in our backyard. I shortened it, took the bark off and sanded it. For more possibilities to hang, I have added some little hooks and for stability, the metal disc with a weight of 35 kg.

Height: 195cm
Diameter: 85cm

Tube Light Tube Light

Tube Light

This tube ceiling light is out of acrylic glass, ecological teak timber and mirrored lightbulbs. It is available in different sizes and different timber.

Length: 90cm
Diameter: 20cm

Stereo Furniture Stereo Furniture

Stereo Furniture

The stereo furniture is a custom order and made out of multiplex with a cherry veneer as a front finish.

Tropical Light Tropical Light Tropical Light

Tropical Light

The “strangler fig” cosy, natural and warm! For most people it is a "Killer Tree". For experts it is a mainstay, for the life in the rainforest, around the globe.

Height: 157cm
Diameter: 50cm

wooden-basin wooden-basin wooden-basin

Wooden Basin

This free-hanging wooden basin is made out of an old german hardwood tree named "Elsbeere" or "wild service tree" (Sorbus torminalis). The basin is carved out of an approximatly 100 year old tree trunk and sealed with polyester resin.

Length: 98cm
Width: 47cm
Weight: 35kg

Coat Rack Coat Rack

Coat Rack

Retro 70's honeycomb coat rack. Simple and clean lines. A perfect solution for narrow doorways, bed- or bathrooms. Available in different timber, materials and colours. This is MDF with a 2 pack paint finish.

Width: 120cm
Height: 50cm

Price: 400€

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T-Model Diningtable T-Model Diningtable T-Model Diningtable

T-Model Diningtable

The appearance is quite light and simple and combines classic wooden joints with contemporary lines. For this piece I used Laurel timber (Laurelia aromatica) from Guatemala. Laurel is semi hard, nice to work with and very decorative.

Measurements table:
Width: 95cm
Height: 75cm
Length: 210cm

Measurements bench:
Width: 31cm
Height: 46cm
Length: 175cm

Price: 2300€

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